Thursday, September 2, 2010

School 2010

This is the first year I can recall my children starting school before Labor Day.  September 1st completely snuck up on me and my children headed back to school only marginally prepared.

Lucy was the first to leave the house.  That's not the norm, but mercifully Seminary didn't start until today, so, off she went with Papa on a cold, wet Wednesday morning.  She's without question the cutest 8th grader I know.  In her hands, she holds her lunch in an Albertson's bag, that's how unprepared I was for the first day of school.

My fourth grader came next.  I find her uniform extremely charming; she finds it boring beyond belief.  My Rose normally takes a bus but she begged and pleaded to be driven to school.  "You have no idea how horrible the bus is," she complained.  Poor child.  She's happiest sitting on a window seat, studying maps and thinking up witty dialogue.  It's good for her to leave the house and be forced to actually use some of that witty dialogue.  I like my Rose quite a lot.

And my child who's usually first out the door didn't start class yesterday until 10:30.  He's a junior now and worrying about things like student parking permits and college entrance exams.  He's matured so much and we're so very proud of him.  Today he was out the door at 6:20.


And this one?  Her school doesn't start until the 8th.  Not to be overly dramatic, but Cholita finds the wait torturous.    And as far as me being Cholita's only source of entertainment, well, I find that pretty darn torturous as well.  

BUT, today is a good day for Cholita.  A VERY good day because when she wakes up in a few minutes, she'll no longer be an adorable little four-year-old, but an adorable little FIVE year old.

Her polka dot pancakes await!


Kelly said...

You're so good. This year snuck up on me so bad that I couldn't even be bothered to pull out the camera. Well it won't be the first time I've had to take fake first day photos during the first week instead.

It's these tricks that make my crazy life a bit easier.

Happy Birthday to your baby!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday to Cholita! :) It's so hard to be a Kindergartner and not be able to start the same day as everyone else. Eliza can feel Cholita's pain and frustration. She cried until it was her turn to go to school. Torturous is a good word. Your kids are growing up beautifully!

Jen Bay said...

Wow. How the time flies. Adam is a Junior! And happy birthday to Cholita!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Cholita!!! I think S-girl would love having her as a pen pal. What a splendid idea!!

Hope your day is a little less torturous tomorrow!! wink wink

Eileen said...


Poor Cholita missed the kindergarten cut-off by ONE day! Talk about torture.