Monday, August 18, 2008

Not at all Competetive

Last year at our church's stake olympics Lyle and Steve (his partner at the dental office) had a photo finish in the 100 yard dash with Steve taking the victory. This year, a photographer caught them in all their glory. By their facial expressions it's clear that they don't care about winning or losing.

Like the runner between them, they're obviously just having fun.
No, really, you go on ahead......

Let's just finish together for the glory of Clear Creek Dentistry....

Doesn't mean much to me...

Another year, another photo finish.

Oh, and I should point out that this was a photo finish for the silver. They were smoked by the guy in lane 5.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Today was quite a day of fashion and beauty at the Beck household. Madeline made her first foray into the world of high class salon hairstyling. Here she is in her "before" picture (really, looking way too lovely for a "before" shot.)

And after!

She is showing off her new 'do to her dad. She had a couple of inches cut off and I think she looks gorgeous. The hairstylist gave her lots of tips and we left the establishment paying more for hairstyling products than we did for the actual haircut. Still, Madeline is thrilled and loved the experience.

Now, moving on to the one-woman fashion show that struts through our house on a daily basis. Maya cares deeply about what she wears. She is decidedly in a dress phase and hasn't willingly put on pants for several weeks. She plans her outfits very thoroughly down to the accessories
and footwear.

The blue dress she chose this morning really isn't so bad, although it is a bit revealing and could probably do with a t-shirt underneath, but do you notice the brown skirt under the dress? One wonders why, but the wearing of double skirts happens frequently in Maya's fashion world. The floral headwear I'm assuming is for a punch of color. She is actually wearing shoes that belong to her which is something to be commended since she usually chooses to wear Abby's. The mismatched shoes are not done out of necessity. She has a match to each one, Maya just seems to find symmetry very yesterday.

And a close-up of the shoes not more than 15 minutes after the first photo was taken shows that she's added a white sock for reasons known only to her.

A little later in the day the laundry factory has opted for a new outfit. This silky black dress is worn backwards most likely because she knows from experience that no one else would help her put it on, although it may also be a fashion statement. The pink striped tights and the orange hat certainly take this rather ordinary dress to a new level. Abby's shoes complete the look.

In the evening, Miss Laundry has made yet another costume change. This time she's opted for some gray and red tights and a hot pink knit dress layered over a pink shirt. A shoe change has also taken place.

And of course, it's all on backwards.

Thankfully she never left the house today.