Saturday, September 15, 2007

Random Cuteness

Who is this mysterious girl with the Barbie dress hat?

Of course it's Maya Qiu. This is a frequent look. She has no interests in Barbies, she just likes wearing their dresses as hats.

Qiu sporting a new hairstyle.

Abby looking lovely, as usual.

Maya is amused with Abby's dress-up antics, but Abby isn't sure about having her picture taken.

Here Maya is smiling so hard, she's shaking and looking quite posessed.

Yes, we are getting some hair growth!

I know I'm biased, but come on, that's one cute girl.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bumps in the Night

The other night I went to bed early and awoke to a husband who looked like this! I was quite shocked and wondered what in the world had befallen him while I peacefully slumbered.
Apparently he'd been out running and maybe was a little dehydrated and the last he remembers he spun around to see where our dog Charlie was, felt dizzy, and then found himself on the road. I said, "You fainted?" He said that "fainted" wasn't a very manly word. Let's say he swooned. Anyway, a little weird, very scary, and hopefully an isolated incident!

I was already a little shook up about Lyle when I went to get Maya out of bed and noticed a big knot on her head as well. Her story isn't quite as dramatic. She said, "I fell outta' bed. Get hurt."
Thankfully the other kids seemed to have survived the night unscathed. Must have been a full moon.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First Day of School 2007

First day of school! Unfortunately, my 8th grader was out the door before I could pull out the camera. I think he planned it that way! Here is my 1st grader, Abigail Rose! She is very excited, but a little nervous too.

Madeline, our beautiful 5th grader

Looking very stylish

Maya's not sure what's up, but it seems fun!

Maya's quick to join in on the silly pose

Abby at her table!

As MAYA confidently found a seat and settled into 1st grade, I was reminded of what the orphanage director said about little Qiu Ju---"This one doesn't want to be a baby. She wants to be a big girl." I think that's true!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Maya Turns 2

I can't believe Maya is already 2 years old! Once again the big kids wanted to decorate Maya's cake. Adam did the Chinese flag, Madeline wrote Maya's name and Abby was in charge of candle placement.

I know the lighting isn't great in this picture, but I love the facial expressions--especially Abby's. She is such a great big sister and thinks Maya is the best. Seriously, in Abby's eyes Maya can do no wrong.

I was surprised that she actually knew what to do with the candles! She blew them out one by one and was very pleased with herself.

No, these aren't dandruff flakes. Unfortunately, Maya has gotten the idea that her hair can be used as a napkin. It all started one night when the kids thought it would be funny to have Maya sign the word "hat" when her hands were covered with food. Well, she now thinks this is just what you do when your hands are messy.

After-dinner clean up really is starting to require a shower.

Maya was very pleased with her presents. Adam bought her a stuffed snake (which she had requested), Madeline gave her a safari animal set, and Abby's present was the popper vacuum.
The Whittles came over later that night and gave Maya a sponge and shower gel set (very appropriate!) and a book. Laurie had Maya on her lap and sniffed her head and said, "She smells like baked goods." Gee, I wonder why!

The party's been fun, guys, but it's time to vacuum! See ya'!