Thursday, November 7, 2013

New York Weekend

It's not a quick jaunt by any stretch, but I was so excited to take the cross-country red-eye flight to New York on Halloween night for my younger brother's wedding.  The weather in NY couldn't have been more gorgeous and the fall leaves were at their finest.  It was the first time I've been with all of my siblings at one time in probably 2 decades--definitely a picture-worthy occasion!  But trying to get one decent picture felt like Christmas-card picture-taking of days gone by.

 In the photos, we're arranged youngest to oldest.  The baby of the family, my brother Paul, is the only red-head and took all of the height genes that clearly missed me.  My sister Anne is 4 years younger than me and despite being the only blonde, she's sporting new dark hair, which really threw me off when she walked into the airport!  My brother Dan is 18 months older than me and is about to retire from the military.  We live in NY, UT, WA, and TX, so clearly it's not every day that we get together.

It was a fantastic weekend and we're thrilled to have a new sister-in-law and aunt, Paul's new wife Janice and my kids can't wait to meet their new cousin, Lucy.

I'd made a bet with Lucy that my brother wouldn't cry during the ceremony.  I felt quite confident that I would win.  Then, during the vows, he went and got all choked up!  Lucy was standing right there with her mother and she made sure to catch my eye, tilt her head over to Paul, and let me know that I had indeed lost.  For payment, I played 5 extra games of hide and go seek with her that night.

Here, Janice and Paul are with my dad.   Note to self:  next time take the nice camera.
It was a tiring weekend, but I'm so, so glad I made it!