Monday, June 18, 2012

The Birthday Girl

Our beautiful Rose had a birthday and as per tradition, she posed with the Autumn Sunset rose. 

She's 11 now, will be starting middle school in the Fall,

and is growing up so quickly.
I can't believe this picture was taken only last year.

Rose is our middle child and is so dearly loved by the teenaged crew and the littles.
Everyone worked so hard to make her birthday special.

Rose is our writer and is always on the lookout for cute new notebooks,
which she'll fill with stories that she rarely lets any of us read.

And being the tween that she certainly is,
she was thrilled with the refurbished I-Pod from her big brother.
Something about seeing her with earbuds makes her look closer to the teen years 
than I want her to be!

Happy birthday dear Rose!
We love you!

Friday, June 15, 2012

It Doesn't Seem Long Ago

That this young man was 

a nervous kindergartener.

It doesn't seem long ago

that he was a chubby baby.

It dosen't seem long ago

when he was our only child,
and Lyle looked barely out of high school himself.

But then again, it doesn't even seem that long ago since this,

but I suppose the hair tells a different story.

We are so proud of our son.

It goes by in a heartbeat.