Friday, September 17, 2010

The Sound of Silence

My husband, on the spur of the moment, took all four of our children camping tonight.  Right now, I'm relishing in the hum of the refrigerator.  Today, I had:

* One child who most likely set a record for numbers of hours spent talking without appearing to ever take a breath.

* One who strongly implied that I'm a back seat driver.

* One who came home from school surly.

* And one who stole my book every single time I set it down.

So when Lyle told them to be ready to go on a campout in half an hour, I thought he was either insane or saintly.  Probably a little of both.

I sure like him though.  And now I'm off to read a book, a book that I stole back from my book-snatching child.  Ahh, it'll be a good night.

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with what I've just written, but I've been picture-less for several posts now, and my blog is looking very blah.  
She's a pretty girl, isn't she?  Between you and me, she's a book thief.


Kelly said...

I bet you are reading the Book Thief! And if so I can see why she would want to steal it!

Enjoy the silence my friend. My teenager about got himself killed (by me) today. Lucky for him he just got kicked out of the car and told to walk home instead.

Good luck with yours!

CSIowa said...

Three of my five leave on Monday for a week in the wilderness with their dad, his buddy and two of his kids. The other two of ours are in high school and tend to hide out in their bedrooms, so I'm anticipating a quiet week. Good timing, since I have a statistics midterm to study for. I hope my 7th-grader can recover from missing a week of junior high, but she's my outdoors child and I couldn't say no to her when she was feeling left out.

Tammy said...

That sounds heavenly!!!! I'm struggling with high pitched screams, whines, constant requests for help, etc. :) An evening of silence sounds delightful.

Oh, and yes, she is pretty!