Thursday, September 23, 2010


Our son!  

Yun Xi

AKA: The smile that lights up Yunnan

American Name:???
Lyle vetoed Grant.
I've axed Simon.
We need inspiration!

And Yun Xi needs a boy's bike!


Kelly said...

I've got nothing for you but I think a pink bike with armrests is noteworthy!

Kelly said...

btw my word verification was grantum! Weird eh? Maybe you should consult word verification for a name. The next one I'm getting is bastun. Make of it what you will.

Terynn said...

Cutest little man ever. He is sooo cute!!! Congratulations!!

My word verification word was "Holos". Yeah. Notsomuch, huh? lol

Brooke said...

He is SO stinkin' cute! LOVE the trike with handrests, and how he's just chillin' with his peace sign. My brother served a mission in Japan and I think every single Japanese person in every single picture held up the peace sign. Must be an Asian thing?

I totally forgot to list my most favorite of all boy names: Ashur. I've always loved that name, but I don't think it's on my husband's list. Maybe I can talk one of my kids into naming my grandson that someday . . . :-)

Jessica said...


Tammy said...

He's so cute!

That bike is awesome-my girls would love it.

Hmmmmm. Let's see. Cute little boys that I know are named...
Joseph Bentley

Eileen said...

Brooke, Asher means "happy", and by the photos, that certainly seems to fit our little guy. It's biblical, which I like. I'll run it by the family.

Jessica suggested Oliver, which is one we've also thought about.

Tammy, Joseph is still in the list, although I'm pretty sure I'd always call in Joe.

Choices, choices.

Jen Bay said...

He's adorable! When do you leave for China? We are super excited for you. My word verification is enessest, pretty sure that won't help... :)

Kristi said...

Congrats!!! I was just telling my mom today, you should name him Asher. So funny! i love that name. Asher or Ashton is also cute. I also love owen! Congrats again!

Eileen said...


We have a LONG wait! I think it will be Spring before we're in China.

Eileen said...

Interesting. When I told Lyle this morning that Simon was off the list, he looked sad. "Well, for the right kid, I think it would have been really cool." Sheesh, he's hard to figure!

He said he wants to think on Asher. Bruder thinks it's cool. Lucy and Rose are unsure.

Really, we will come to a decision someday.

Jean said...

Congratulations!! We are bringing home a 4 yr old boy too! Can't wait!!

Thank you for your comment! I loved it!

Blessings on your journey to your son!

Anonymous said...

This is just for fun, but the male panda cub born last year at the San Diego Zoo is also named Yun Xi. His name means Son of Yun (his mother is Bai Yun, or White Cloud). He is her 5th cub! His nickname is Yunior, or Junior.

So, how about Lyle Jr.? :)

Eileen said...

I love that Yun Xi is that name of a new panda cub! Our "Yun" is also cloud, but his "Xi" means royal seal.

Our oldest son already has "Lyle" as his middle name, so I think we'd feel a little like George Foreman if we name another son after him too. Not that Lyle's not worthy of several namesakes!

Miss Ashley said...

Could he be a Levi? It goes with the four letter name thing you have going on. And its biblical. Means, "joined in harmony," which seems fitting.