Saturday, September 4, 2010

Join the Postal Service! See the World!

Guiping sisters "Autumn Chrysanthemum" and "Summer Fun"
"Mom, I want to send a letter to Summer to tell her I'm five now too."
"That would be great.  I bet Summer would like to get a letter in the mail."
"There's only one problem. I don't think our mail man knows the way to Summer's house."
"Our mail man won't take the letter to Summer's house.  It will go to a sorting facility....."
"I just hope he brings water and lots of snacks because it's a long drive."
"As I was saying......"
"Oh no!"
"What will the mail man do when he sees our papers going to China?"

On a different track.....
"Cholita, would you like to be a mail man someday?"
"Mom, two things.  First, I don't where many things are.  Second, I'm a GIRL!"


Tammy said...

How funny! Eliza wants to be a mailman when she grows up. I think she would do a great job-she has stamina, isn't bothered by the weather, and loves stray dogs.

Amy said...

Eileen, I have had such fun this morning catching up on your blog!

First, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, CHOLITA! You are definitely the most beautifully dressed birthday girl in your fancy new dress and hair bow and grown-up shoes!

And Eileen, CONGRATULATIONS on your newest family addition! Your little son/brother will be such a treasure. I am so very happy for your family now at home and for your new son!

With Love and Every Best Wish,

Julie said...

I have NO idea how I missed this post!! LOVE IT!! can tell Miss Cholita that the mailman did indeed find our house. And there was a very excited little girl at the receiving end of that letter. Now...hopefully our mailman knows where you live!!