Thursday, September 23, 2010

Name Game Part IV

Seriously, I will move past this.  Right now though, I need help.   Our son in China will thank you someday.

* Zander was a fleeting thing.  I was over it in about 2 hours.

* I have a great uncle who was a WWII fighter pilot and died at the very end of the war.  I actually wrote his story years ago and was able to talk to many of the men from his company, which was an amazing experience.  So, I have an affinity for his name, Grant, but I'm not sure it flows with our last name.  Grant Beck.  What do you think?

* What about Joseph and just calling him Joe?  I do tend to like one syllable names even if our last name doesn't exactly like them.

* I think Noah might be too common right now.  Simon is definitely not too common, but there are so many associations with it--Simple Simon, Simon Says, Simon the Chipmunk, Simon the mean American Idol judge. I do love the name Peter, but my kids make gagging noises when they hear it.  Grant has a neat family connection, but I'm not sure how if flows with our last name.  Owen is a great name, but it might be too trendy.

* I want classic, but underused.  HELP!


Brooke said...

I'm living vicariously through this discussion, since my dh & I agreed that when our baby is born next month, he gets to name it if it's a boy & I get to name a girl. There are so many great boy names out there. Here are some more of my favs:


And I totally agree with the person who said that no matter what you name him, people will soon forget past associations and come to connect his name with this great, sweet boy. We named our last daughter Adana, after the city in Turkey where she was born. It felt a bit odd at first, but now it suits her perfectly. And the name I have chosen IF our baby is a girl is foreign and perhaps a bit odd, but I'm sure people will soon find it fits her just right. (Fingers crossed for a girl!)

BTW - here are the names of some of the Asian-American kids that we are friends with. They really run the spectrum: Cassius (they call him Cash), Coltrane, Anthony, George, Sean, Yin, Jin.

Anonymous said...

LOVE Grant Beck. I think it sounds fine, actually, I think it flows quite nicely :)

Kelly said...

I like Grant Beck too. We struggle with the one syllable last name thing too. But Troy and Drew have never had a problem with it. Just give him a two syllable middle name so he can choose.

~T~ said...

I'm sure you've looked at, down towards 500. Khalil and Ahmad might be a little too exotic for you, but I'm sure they are classics elsewhere. Further up the list, you'll find that Romeo edged out Beckett and Jay last year, and that Zion beat Xander. Highlights from the 300s include Julius, Nehemiah, and Bennett. Up in the 100s you'll find Grant and Peter, along with Wesley and Malachi. So many wonderful choices are underutilized these days!

Katie said...

OH MY GOSH T! My sister is naming her baby Kahlil! HAHAH how odd.

I don't think Owen is too trendy, but I also love Grant :) and I think Grant Beck sounds great!

Mom2Four said...

I've always been partial to Levi (wanted to use it for DJ, but DH nixed that one)
I don't suppose you want to name him Glen?
My other choices would be

Eileen said...

Dang. I just ran Grant by my husband and it wasn't a love match.

Levi makes me think of jeans, although it's a very nice name.

This is too complicated.

I'll have to see what Brooke's husband uses if they have a boy!

Tammy said...

Don't worry about the one syllable thing---just look at my husband's wonderful one syllable name. :)

I like both Grant and Owen. Or how about Owen Grant Beck?

Julie said...

Eileen...O.K..I'm being totally serious here...I like Grant even better then Owen. Plus, it is a family name..a very special one! I'm a sucker for family names...hence Luke's middle name is Ira (my dad's name)!! Never in my life would have chose it otherwise!

But I do love the name Grant and I think it goes great with Beck. For real!

p.s. Lightroom is easier then photoshop..but you can't do as much with it. But I do love it!

Anonymous said...

I have to be the odd ball, I dont like Grant! I also agree with your kids on Peter. Naming a child is a big decision!

Lisa and Tate said...

I have a friend who named her son adopted from Ethiopia Beck.. LOVE IT!!! Not so crazy about Grant as the first name unless you call him by his middle name Beck???

I love classics like James. And call him James not nick names.


Eileen said...

Beck is actually the last name, so Beck as a first name is definitely out! And after my phone call with Lyle, sadly, Grant is out too.

Jen Bay said...

Dave had a few suggestions... may I preface these with his suggeestions for our own children when we first got married.... "Sisco, and Frisco" get it? And so, I present, "Bob" and "Speckle". I don't know, they have a certain Je ne se qua....