Monday, September 20, 2010

The Name Game Part II

Questions that need answers:

*Should the name Simon only be used for Chipmunks?

*Would a boy named Owen be pushed around?

*Can a person ever be called Samuel or would they forever be Sam?

*When you hear the name Noah, do you only think of an ark full of animals?

Help us please.


Michael and Denise said...

I like Simon. The only Owen I knew was a super smart nerdy boy in high school. The first thing I think of when I hear the name Noah is an ark full of animals, but Michael's cousin is named Noah, and you get past the ark connection pretty easily. As for Samuel, it's possible to keep it "Samuel" for the most part. Michael is "Michael" to all of his family (his mother doesn't like "Mike"), but in high school all of his friends called him "Mike". He doesn't have a preference.

Just for fun, and going off of T's comment on your last post, Michael said you should consider "Seal". Then he can be a rich, R&B star.

Good luck.

Terynn said...

Not a fan of Simon, personally. I would think Chipmunk. Always.

Owen is the trendiest of the names and I do not have a nerdy vibe assigned to it, but we are from the midwest, so you know we know nothing of trends, until something has become absolutely stale on the coast(s). ha

Samuel is a GREAT name, but preventing him from being called Sam, would be all but impossible; except for family and friends, who know your preference.

Thanks for asking for input. Call him "Seal" like Denise said. Ubercool. :)

Brooke said...

Simon = carried the cross of Jesus. One of our favorite boy names.

Owen = We have some good friends, last name is Wise. They are expecting a boy. I think they should name him Owen Bartholomew, so that his initials would be O. B. Wise (Jacob 6:12)

Samuel = It's inevitable, he would be called Sam. But then, I doubt you could find a name that won't come with a nickname. Boys are obsessive about giving each other nicknames.

Noah = very trendy these days, but a great name.

My other favorite boy names = Micah, Chad, George, Abram

Katie said...

I love Owen....isn't it funny the associations "we" have with names and how it holds us back? I went to high school with someone named Blaine and he was always cocky and kind of rude, and Simon is the name of a mentor I have over in England and is quite a bit older (like my grandpa's age) so it seems old to me.......oh and I always have that song in my head "ah low my name is Simon, and I like to do drawerings"......or something along that line :) HAHA

Jen Bay said...

When we were picking names the most important question after, "What do you think of _____" was, "What will the natural nickname become... try as you may, no one will say Samuel... just like no one will say Jennifer.... I will say this, no one has called Cameron "Cammy" more than once... but we hear "Cam" all the time. Boy,we are lazy speakers..... Just to add to the pot, I like Austin, Cameron, and Dave... oh wait... now I remember why.... :)

Someone's advice to us when picking a name was that once we thought we liked a name, open the back door and yell it two or three times (like you inevitably will) and see how it feels...

Eileen said...

I think you're right, Jen, that you have to kind of test drive a name. We thought we wanted to name him Gavin, but after saying it about 5 times, I changed my mind. Not that I don't love other little Gavins that I know.

I would like to find a name like Cholita's that doesn't sound made-up but that also sounds like it might come from a different country.....has a hint of the exotic. I'm finding that's harder to do with boy names than girls.

CSIowa said...

I think any of the four would be an excellent choice. I know a Noah who is now 14. His grandmother stopped sending him Noah's ark things about the time he hit kindergarten. I don't think he thinks about it much any more. I know a Simon who gets called Si a lot. No chipmunk association. I think you can stave off the nickname until the child himself decides he likes it. I think a mother always has the prerogative to use the name she chose. Owen is a great name, I think. Personally, I'm a fan of names that are easily said and spelled, are actually names (not inventions), and at the same time are not super-popular. I never wanted my kids to have five other kids with the same name in kindergarten.