Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cholita is going to be a big sister!

Not too much bigger, mind you, but bigger.  For now.  Little brother is 22 months younger than Cholita, 
but according to updated measurements,  about the same weight.

He's in the Yunnan province, in the capital city of Kunming.  He's in foster care.  He turned 3 in July, although based on his picture, Cholita claims he's only two, because duh, he's holding up two fingers.
(She hasn't spent much time in Asia.)

What this picture tells me is that he's a peace-loving child, but also bold enough to wear animal print clothing, a combination I find very endearing.

Our favorite line from his paperwork:  "He cares everyone and everything around him."  Our second favorite line:  "He can cross buttons with glass fibers."  We have absolutely no idea what that means, but think it sounds advanced, if not dangerous.

I would show you more, I really would, but our papers are not quite off to China yet and I'm not sure of the rules for internet posting.  If you live in our area, I'd he more than happy to show you his picture.  As a matter of fact, I'll probably show you several pictures and will expect oohing and aahing over each one.  I can say that he's cute as a button (Which, did I mention he can cross with glass fibers?) and we're ecstatic.  

P.S.  If you don't live in our area, and ask really nicely, I'd probably e-mail you a picture too.


Terynn said...

Love your wit (as always). Love your excitement (super endearing).

Love, love, love that another little person has found his way into your loving family. Congratulations, all around.

If it pleases the Queen, may I see little brother's face, when you're ready? :)

Stefanie said...

Oh, you crack me up!!
Can not WAIT til your little man is in your arms!! Hope that all the paperwork goes as smoothly and as quickly as possible :)

Chelsea said...

Okay, I'm not exactly sure what it means to cross buttons with glass fibers. Hmmmm. I'm sure he's adorable!!

Brooke said...

That is such fabulous, exciting news! I loved Cholita's obsession with her bright red shoes, and now it will be fun to see if your little boy continues with his love of animal prints. :-)

We are expecting child #5 soon also (although, from what I've heard about overseas adoption, I'm doing it the "easy way.") Good luck! I pray all goes smoothly and quickly.


Anonymous said...

What a lucky little boy to be able join your family!

Jen Bay said...

Very exciting! When are you off to China?

Lisa and Tate said...

Sososososo cool!!! Congrats on the new son. I would love to return to China to get a sibling for Tate, but aged out and am single. WAH!!!

Cannot wait for everything to clear and you can post pictures of that peace loving 2 (3) yr old.

Lisa said...


Julie said...

I just can't wait to see that talent. Crossing buttons with glass fibers could be spectacular, you know?! He may make you a lot of money one day!!

Miss Ashley said...

Lurking reader of yours who lives on the eastside of the big city east of you who found your blog through No Hands. Thought I would de-lurk because I was thinking about your second favorite translation. I took Mandarin not to long ago in college.

I don't know what characters the original file used but I got to thinking and realized that the word glass fiber is normally made up of four characters (bao/li/xian/wei). The first two together mean glass, the third and fourth together mean fiber and all four together is normally taken to mean glassfiber (like in insulation). But the same characters that mean glass (baoli) colloquially can mean nylon. Its not necessarily the most efficient way to get the idea across, but I'm sure when you exchange the word glass for nylon in your translation you can understand the meaning.

Congratulations! I can't wait to see his picture!

Eileen said...


Thank you! Man, I need a college mandarin course! Nylon fiber certainly makes more sense than glass fibers!

LBC said...

Congratulations! We are waiting on our LOA for a daughter turning 4 later this month. I need to pick up some Mandarin ASAP!