Friday, March 26, 2010

The Lucy Senegal Journal: Days 8 and 9

February 25th, 10:00 PM

I'll only list a few little tidbits from today. I'm so tired and I'm losing my voice. I rode to clinic (our last full day) on the top of the bus, but had to get off when we passed the police station.

Editor's Note: Lucy's mother is not pleased. Lucy's father has heard about it.

I ran instruments for sterilization today and when we had seen about our limit of patients, we kept seeing more. We worked for 10 hours.

After dinner tonight, a servant girl, Isatu, gave me a beautiful African bracelet. I said "Jerra Jef" (thank you), but I felt like I wasn't giving enough to make up for what she gave me, so I gave her a bracelet as well. The one Isatu gave me is striped with gold, pink, and purple, with a gold charm on it. The only one I had to give her was a cheap one with clear, tan, and maroon beads. Not a good exchange.

with the servant girls

What took faith today:
*accepting the culture

February 26, 11:00 PM

We had the day off. I actually slept in. After a short team meeting, we went to shop at a store (they're called boutiques) on the way to see a house being constructed.

building techniques in Senegal

We had to drop an older lady off at the men's compound because she nearly fainted from the heat.

A lady selling drums, jewelry, purses, and other African souvenirs came by and my dad bought a drum. I can't think of what we'll do with it, but I like it anyway.

After dinner, which was dumplings and rice cakes, we said goodbyes and played with the children. It was adorable to see them singing a song that goes, "Besu ta gee, yallo mo ko def. Beg na de lol, sona hol de sed."

This was when it touched me how much the same we really are. We all love. We all live. We all have friends, fashions, and fads. Cultures and lifestyles may change, but at the core, we're all the same.
What took faith today:
*saying goodbye

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Kelly said...

She made me cry again with those last lines. So true!!!