Monday, March 29, 2010

Beautiful: Thoughts on Senegal

When my husband came back from Africa, he casually mentioned that while he was there, he saw some of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen. As his wife, I'll admit that I bristled just slightly. Well, I thought, I'll be the judge of that.

Then I saw the pictures.

No, I generally don't look like this at my dental appointments.

Or any other time for that matter.

And what struck me in all of the pictures wasn't just their beautiful faces, but how the women carry themselves, their proud, upright posture.

Maybe it comes from carrying things on their heads,

but by comparison, all of the Americans look slouchy.

And the colors! I don't think "khaki" exists in Senegal.

Against the barren landscape, the colors seem especially vivid.

Together, the women remind me of a garden of summer flowers.

This pink dress especially impressed Cholita. "The girls all look like princesses," she said with an envious sigh. What a compliment to the women of Senegal. Despite circumstances that seem difficult, they remain princesses.


Stefanie said...

Goodness! Beautiful indeed! What lovely women, especially considering their circumstances...
Thank you for sharing their smiling faces :)

Julie said...

They are beautiful. That has always struck me about pictures of Africa...the beautiful colors. And look at those smiles. Their faces just light up. O.k., that's it...I'm going to try not to slouch at all for the rest of the day!

Jen Bay said...

I have really loved reading about their trip. Thanks for putting it up.

Lisa said...

E! Loved this post! So happy you posted your sweet girl's journal entries and Lyle's observations....I've been reading all the while but just wanted to also say congrats on your big run, girl! Woo-hoo! You Da Woman! :) I laughed at your imagining of the daughter-in-law choosing the spot for her funny. You are amazing, E.

Tammy said...

I love seeing all of these photos. They sure are beautiful!

Kelly said...

Missed this post somehow. Love it!