Friday, March 12, 2010

I may never come back

I don't believe this plant is native to Washington.

And yes, we have lighthouses in our home state, but the sky was gray and rainy this morning when we left Seattle and not this straight-out-of-the-camera brilliant blue.

So, we flew to California....and then we caught a boat.....

Goodbye, L.A.

to beautiful Catalina Island! I'm in love.

But before you think all is fine and dandy, this is what I heard from my husband as we walked out the door this morning:

"So, we're going to Catalina Island! It's supposed to be gorgeous......I'm actually running a marathon there on Saturday...."

At this point I'm picturing myself cheering him on at the finish line. Sounds great to me....

"I've heard it's one of the hardest marathons out there.....extremely hilly...."

Yes, I'll definitely need to sit in the hot tub with him after his gruelling workout....

"...and......oh,'re signed up for the 10K."

Pardon me?


But I suppose, he could have signed me up for the Duluth 10K.

So I'll keep him. Although he may soon be a widower considering that the walk uphill to our hotel had me hyperventilating. Today may be my last day amongst the living. Wish me luck.

Oh, and he insisted I stuff myself full of delicious pasta tonight. I can handle carb loading.


Kelly said...

Oh Eileen! That is totally not what I expected. Remember how I told you to have Lyle give T some pointers? Cancel the signing me up for a marathon without my permission k?

Fireball said...

I love Catalina, but yeah, it is really hilly. Good luck in the race! I've been wondering how you were going to react to your surprise. We've known about it for months! The way I see it, I'd be willing to run a race to get to go on vacation there. Hope you guys have fun!

Julie said...

Eileen!!! That is hilarious! Wow...good luck! Looks beautiful.
That Lyle!!