Monday, March 8, 2010

The Lucy Senegal Journal Day 4

Dad at work in the clinic

Today was clinic day. I woke up at 6:45 after a night of the TV blaring until all hours. The Ba family was watching "Band of Brothers" with arabic subtitles. I didn't sleep well.

With Jade and Kristin and Mai

We started the clinic at around 7:45, though Jade, Mai, and I couldn't start teaching until later because the children weren't ready yet. Once kids started coming in, Jade and I demonstrated how to brush teeth using a plastic model, while Mai translated into Wolof. Then we explained what would happen if they didn't brush--cavities and gingivitis. In Wolof, I said, "So brosso sobun, bun bet", which means, "No brush teeth, tooth hole." Then we showed the children to the next room, where they got fluoride varnish on their teeth. We saw between 75 and 100 kids today.

my students

We went home to eat lunch, which was rice, yams, and goat meat (which I stayed away from). The yam was the best I've ever tasted and I don't even like yams.

Afternoon is the worst part of the day. It was so hot, I couldn't do anything, so I took a nap and a shower until it cooled down. This evening was wonderful. That's when it's cool outside and I played frisbee with the kids.

I can't believe I only have six days left. It's going by so fast. I blink and an hour's gone. Though I can't wait to get home, there's something that tugs at me and makes me want to stay. I can't really say what it is, not yet anyway.

What took faith today:
*praying with others
*teaching kids to brush
*speaking Wolof
*going to work
*the heat
*getting up on time
*loving everyone


Kelly said...

I know that tug she speaks of. It calls to me too. What a great kid you have Eileen.

Suzanne said...

I love reading these! What an awesome experience for them! Can I go with them next time??

Jen Bay said...