Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Lucy Senegal Journal Day 6

February 23rd

I would have elaborated about some things I mentioned yesterday, but I was just too tired, so I will elaborate now. The dog chase doesn't sound very funny, but you had to be there. Jade, Sahora, and I went to watch some puppies fighting over a feather. We saw a dog covered in mud sleeping nearby. One kid sort of prodded the sleeping dog and all of sudden, it jumped up barking and chased everyone around the courtyard. It was hilarious to see everyone's faces. We laughed so hard.

Today we drove in a horse cart out to a small village to set up a clinic there. The day was beautiful. We passed other carts, boabob trees (which are enormous), and huge mounds of dirt dug up by termites.

Kristin in front of a baobob tree

Clinic seemed like it would never end. I worked with the kids today outside in the sun. It was hot.

Taking a break with Dad. He looks tired too.

Afterward, I went inside and basically sat there the entire time. There were quite a few teeth that wouldn't come out today. Twice, those not working prayed for the tooth to come out and twice, right when they were done, you would hear, "it's out."

I went home on the horse cart, but it wasn't as fun as the trip there because I was squished between two sweaty old men. When I got back, I had my hair braided by a Senegalese woman. It hurt A LOT, but I like how it looks.

10:30 PM

Outside of our compound, two Senegalese men were getting heated up about something, we didn't know what. It got so bad that everyone had to go inside. One of the men (someone living in our compound) actually stabbed the other man in the ribs with a knife and took off afterwards. The stabbed man was brought inside and then taken to the hospital far away.

I hope I can sleep.

What took faith today:
*praying that the fight would end.
*obeying the rule to stay inside.
*watching my dad go outside
*loving him who would hurt another
*just continuing daily


Kelly said...

Oh my! I don't like day 6! Too much knifing for my liking. Love the hair though.

Julie said...

Wow...I'm sure mom loved hearing about this day! wink wink

Look at the roots on that tooth! holy cow, that must have taken some serious man power to get out!!

Jen Bay said...

Wow. all I can say. wow.