Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Si Guy

We've decided on a name and miraculously, every single person in the family is thrilled with it.  I'd begun to think that was impossible.   For the longest time, I campaigned on the virtues of the name Levi.  I made converts of Cholita and Lyle and Lucy.  Bruder and Rose weren't sold on it, but Bruder said he'd be fine with whatever we chose and Rose.......well, let's just say she doesn't suffer in silence.   She did, however, come to us one night and tearily say that she surrendered.   She's nothing if not dramatic.

Still, there'd been so much angst over the name that I couldn't say it with the same happiness I had when I first mentioned it to the family.  The poor, wonderful name Levi had been beaten to death.  So, from the back of the pack surged a name that we'd been considering from the very beginning.

* It's Biblical.
* It's somewhat quirky.
* It means "one who hears", which we quite love.
* There was a man in the Bible by this name who carried the cross of Jesus, a story that we'll be sure to mention when we teach our little guy the gospel.
* It has a nickname that Lyle finds incredibly cute.
* And the final kicker..... when the name is written in Mandarin, it has the same first character as our little boy's name, Xi.  In China it's pronounced Xi Mon.  I took it as a sign.   And goodness knows we needed one.

The moment Cholita heard the news, she grabbed a marker and put into writing the sentiment shared by the whole family: we love our little Simon.  

And anyone who mentions chipmunks, well, they'll have to face the wrath of Olaf.

He's more vicious than he looks.


Terynn said...

And wasn't it 'Simon' that first recognized the infant Jesus in the temple (after years of praying he would live to see the Messiah)?

I love his name. You all did goooood.

PS What the the cute nickname Lyle loves?

Brooke said...

Yeah for Simon!! Such a wonderful, meaningful, stalwart name. We might have had our own little Si Guy if chromosomes had been different. But hey, we're in the same stake. Maybe my Torah and your Simon will meet up at a stake dance some day . . . :-)

PS - I want to hear the cute nickname too.

Eileen said...

I guess I talked up the nickname too much! It's just Si. Lyle thinks little Si sounds cute.

I've also read that some people use the nickname Sim or Sims. I don't really see myself doing that, but we'll see!

Yes, it would be fun for Simon and Torah to meet up at a dance! He is three years older though, so I'm not sure if a 17 year-old should be dancing with a 14 year-old..... but maybe when she's 20 and he's never know.

~T~ said...

Well, since YOU brought up chipmunks, I just have to say that he has the cheeks to be one!

(My verification word is "besse"--just what I'd do with those cheeks if they were coming to me!)

Eileen said...

Yes, I suppose I was the one who mentioned chipmunks.....and I do agree that the cheeks are chipmunk worthy!

Jen Bay said...

Hurray! Simon it is. Can't wait to see him pictured with your family. Time to call L.L. Bean.

Julie said...

I love it!! I love Si too!