Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wish he knew we were waiting

It's strange to feel so connected to a person half-way around the world and realize that they don't have any idea you exist.   This week we put together a book for Yun Xi that we'll send to China.

 We included pictures of Mom and Dad, brother and sisters, of course, the dogs.

Olaf can be a bit shocking if you're not prepared.

He'll see his future home,

and learn a little bit about us.

But unfortunately, he probably won't see any of this until just a few hours before we meet him.  At the most, he might hear about us the day before.  Every orphanage has the prerogative to choose what information they share with the children and when they share it.  Yun Xi's orphanage is not the norm and I wish their policies were different.  I'd like to think that he was looking forward to meeting us as much as we are looking forward to meeting him.  Instead, he has no idea that a family half-way around the world says a prayer for him every single night and that they can't wait to bring him home.

I'll still send the book to China.   It will be worth the shipping costs if he even gets just one look at us on paper before we walk through the door in person.  It will be a traumatic day, there's no getting around that,  but we'll do everything we can to start off on the right foot.


Kelly said...

He is one lucky kid! I hope he gets to see your letter

Jen Bay said...

What a fun idea. I hope he gets the book early.

Julie said...

I remember that little care package we sent all the way to China...and I don't think she saw any of it either!

Here's to hoping he catches a glimpse of his amazing family before he meets you!! Any thoughts on a time frame??

Sarah said...

I peek at your blog sometimes-- so happy for you! What a cute and touching book. He will enjoy reading it even after he is with you-- it shows your love for him. Congratulations on adding Simon to your family, and we hope it goes well. What a wonderful event to be anticipating over Christmas.

Big news-- I am having boy/girl twins this month (Dec 27 if not sooner.) So our Christmas card will be late this year! Sarah Ogilvie

Eileen said...

Sarah!! It's so good to hear from you! I thought of you when I was campaigning for the name Grant....I remembered you have a cute little Grant. Twins? Oh my goodness! Congratulations and I can't wait to see photos!

Love, Eileen

Tammy said...

I can't help but get teary eyed when I hear you talk about your little guy and to see the love that your family has for him. We're excited to welcome him into the extended family at the big reunion this summer. I admire you guys for going to such great lengths to change a life forever!