Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Musical Christmas

"Feliz Navidad" from Cholita to you and yours.
Believe it or not, a ukulele was top on her wish list.

She was very pleased.

Bruder received an instrument of a slightly higher quality--a Taylor acoustic guitar, 
in addition to the Beatles t-shirt from Lucy.

And although Rose was primarily gifted with "kits", her true love, 
she will be picking up her rented cello next week and begin lessons in the new year.
I envision a cello/ukulele duet in the future.
If you doubt the legitimacy of such a pairing, check this out:

The handmade gift this year came from Lucy in the form of a piggy bank for Cholita.
What a fantastic Christmas.


Kelly said...

Love that piggy bank! Merry Christmas.

PS The red PJs are so nice too. Did you make them?

Dianne said...

Looks like a great Christmas for some talented children. Merry Christmas!

Eileen said...


In my younger days of motherhood, I made all the Christmas Eve jammies. Not now. Land's End.

akwebb3 said...

What about Rose??? What instrument did she receive??