Monday, December 6, 2010

The Christmas card photo you WON'T be getting

For Bruder, Christmas card picture-taking is akin to the rack, water torture, the pit of despair....

And if they're not pouting, they're laughing.

Or attempting to put someone else into position.

Or complaining about someone's static cling hair.

Or looking who-knows-where.

Or one teenager might be giving his sister a punch while the other gives her sister the heimlich.

Or I don't even know what was going on here.

But I do know that whatever it was, it's preferable to the response I get when I say I want 
"loving family".
Believe it or not, there was one this year that made the cut.

P.S. Lyle made this swing for me several years ago and I love it.  We painted it three different times trying to find the right color.  White....too blah, blue......too zingy.......sage green, just right.


Beach Mama said...

Who would think it that it would be so difficult to get 4 kids to look in the same direction and smile long enough for the camera? I've all but given up on the family photo! Yours are much better than mine:)

Chelsea said...

Very cute! You've got some pretty cute kiddos there!

Jen Bay said...

I totally know your pain.... live it myself every year.

Julie said...

Oh, I know this all to well! We just had my sister come and try to get family pictures. I really should send one of the out-takes...there were only like 200!! However it does make choosing between the TWO good ones fairly easy!!

Tammy said...

I love the "out takes" because I can relate! This year we took our family photo on Temple Square. The sister missionary took two shots so I was pretty happy that one turned out okay-except for Sarah who was crying because I made everyone take off their jackets and it was very cold that day. Oh well!