Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh, how she loves a project

The students in Madeline's science class were asked to make creative representations of cell biology.  I told Madeline that she could do anything that didn't require sewing on my part.  She asked only for pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks and then retreated to her room.  Last night she came downstairs with this:

A cell zoo

 The zoo keeper is obviously the golgi body, or the "mail room" of the cell, shipping materials off to different parts of the cell.

These might look like monkeys, but they're really mitochondrion, producing 90% of the cell's energy.

 The carnivores, like the wolves and the lions and the alligators are the lysosomes, breaking down materials like food into smaller pieces.

 There's a complete accompanying report that explains that the fencing is the cell wall, the lizards and snakes are the chloroplasts, the manager's office is the nucleus, the food storage barn is the vacuole, etc. etc.

 I'm quite sure my 8th grade self would have made a poster.  

The littles were completely enchanted.

And the big smile?  Sister has promised them the zoo when it comes back from school.

An early Christmas.  


Joan said...

Wow... that is amazing! Great job.

Julie said...

O.K...she is oozing with creativity! Wow, I'm so impressed. I would have NEVER thought of that!

akwebb3 said...

You need to buy her one of those wooden doll house kits that you built when we lived in Florida!! I bet hers would look amazing!!

Chelsea said...

Very impressive! I'm sure she'll get a good grade for that one. I definitely wouldn't have done anything close to as cool as that! What an overachiever.

Brooke said...

I had to show this to my son. He had this same assignment in his 9th grade biology class and just turned it in on Monday. And of course, he just did a bare-minimum poster. :-)

He was WOW'D by Lucy's project. Very impressive!

Jen Bay said...

impressive... those are fabulous animals.... she better get an A.

Joy said...