Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Chapel in the Woods

I had a front row seat at church today. I even played the piano and gave the benediction. I've always felt at home in church, but never more than today. Today our home was church.

The blowing snow effectively shut down the Northwest and we felt like pioneers, worshipping together in our home. Our children asked for and planned the service; they even printed out programs.

Note the "Maybe talk" by the concluding speaker.

I was greeted at the door of the chapel by a smiling seven-year old.

The chapel wasn't ornate, but was sporting a lovely new wood floor. (Still need to put up the base boards, but it was worth my sore shoulder, don't you think?)

Maya arrived, dressed in an outfit she'd carefully selected for the Sabbath. Thank goodness we're staying home.

Madeline led the music and the congregation graciously ignored the repeated missed B flats in "Angels We Have Heard on High". Lyle blessed the sacrament and Adam passed it.

Abby presented her talk, using numerous visual aids. She mentioned stockings and elves and reindeer and presents but then she said that's not the pacific reason for Christmas. "There was a star, bigger than anyone had ever seen...

And an angel appeared to shepherds and said, 'I bring unto you good tidings of great joy. For unto you a Savior is born. Even Christ the Lord.'"

Abby finished her talk with a picture of our family. She said Jesus wants us always to remember the baby born at Christmas. Madeline read a story called "Room for a Little One" and asked if we'd made room in our hearts for the Savior. Adam spoke on giving of ourselves. Our concluding speaker, Sister Maya Qiu wandered through many topics, but we did hear, "Jesus was born." It was lesson enough. Thank you kids, pacifically Adam, Madeline, Abby and Maya.


Joan said...

Thank your children for me. They brought Christmas home.


Alyson (New England Living) said...

Oh my gosh! I feel like such a slacker. Our church was cancelled too and I didn't even think to hold church ourselves. I'm one bad Mormon!

I loved your service! You have a wonderful family.

Kelly said...

Hope your service had a nice nursery leader for Maya

Terynn said...

So very precious. I happen to know Jesus is most pleased.

And you can tell your kids I said so. :~)

Jaxon and Brittney said...

I suck and should leave my children on your door step. I think your family is incredible. Ask Madeline for me if she did her homework last week? Im sure she did. See you guys soon.

Danae said...

Very impressive! I was feeling like a rock star mom for taking the kids out in the snow on my own, and then I read your blog! Guess I am back to square one AGAIN!

Eileen said...

I should note that our children were NOT (lest I leave the wrong impression), little angels today! I'm wondering how we'll handle the extreme togetherness the snowy week will bring!

Eileen said...


Did you notice the ornament Abby was holding? See, it was fated that I stole that ornament from you. The disco ball wouldn't have worked for her lesson. I HAD to have the star.


Danae said...

That is so funny I think the star was the first thing I saw!

You should be careful announcing your piano skills because our Primary (more specifically me) is in the market!

Good to know!

Eileen said...


If you just want to sing "I am a Child of God," I'm your gal. On all other songs I'm pretty much a one-handed operation.

rachel said...

I love the programs- and your daughter's talk. I bet this is one church meeting your kids will be talking about forever. Next time it rains or the sun goes behind the clouds they may say "Hey mom- can we have church at home again?" Great post!

Lisa Cairney said...

Love it, love it, love it! PACIFICALLY the part about Abby's talk and also the red shoes on Miss Maya's feet and wish I could have attended. And, oooooh, Eileen, I'm so jealous! Your house is so pretty.