Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here We Come A-Caroling

This past week we've had the car radio tuned to a Christmas-round-the-clock station. Since I spend a large part of my day in the car, the tunes have been recycled numerous times and I've learned a few things:

*The Muppets singing the Twelve Days of Christmas is just funny. Actually, I don't know if it's the song or just Maya's reaction. She nearly hyperventilates at Miss Piggy's "FIVE GOLD RINGS..." Throw in Beaker on the Lords A-Leaping and the poor girl's beside herself.

*Abby has a strange affinity for "Santa Baby" which scares me somewhat.
*Madeline is all about the traditional. Santa Baby indeed. Give her Oh Holy Night and the Hallelujah Chorus.
*Adam rolls his eyes at Christmas songs but then hums them in the kitchen.
*The line "The logs on the fire fill me with desire...." makes me laugh every time.
*The Carpenters seem to have produced a whole lotta' Christmas songs. Ditto with Tony Bennett.
*And have you heard The Christmas Shoes? Based on the number of times it's cycled around our Seattle area station (way more than the Muppets Twelve Days of Christmas if you can believe that) it must be big. Call me Scrooge, but is it just a little too much effort to pull at the heartstrings? I find it rather gaggy.

So, there's a full docket of errand-running on my schedule today and if I'm lucky I might hear the Muppets. What song are you hoping to hear? Or not?

Oh, and speaking of Christmas songs, guess who WON our local caroling competition? That would be my girls, raising over 600 dollars for the food bank. Now that's some serious caroling. And see, on occassion Abby can part with money.


Jen Bay said...

We heard a funny version of the 12 days of Christmas done by "Strait No Chaser" (and A Cappella group, you should look them up) and it is hilarious! I'm with you on the Christmas Shoes song. Can't stand it. I seem to be partial to the traditional songs, but I tend to lean towards the upbeat songs, and want to skip "I'll be home for Christmas" and "Blue Christmas"

Diane said...

We must be listening to the same station. I'm not a fan of the "Christmas Shoes" either. I love "Christmas in the Northwest" but I ended up putting it on my blog because I never hear it in the car.

My favorite Christmas songs are Mormon Tabernacle ones.

Do you have any snow?

Eileen said...

I never hear Christmas in the Northwest in my car either. They probably play it in the South while we get Dixie Land Christmas.

We do have snow. The roads are clear but there's still a decent covering in our yard. Are you snow-less on Whidbey?

Oh, and my husband totally laughed at your comment yesterday. Laughed at your comment more than he did my post. Hummph!

Lisa Cairney said...

Oh, good night....is the Christmas Shoes song the one with the little boy with the mama in the hospital? Yes, yes...gaggy. I feel guilty for saying it....and HOW CUTE ARE YOUR GIRLS! SO CUTE!! Congrats Madeline and Abby!!!! You guys rock. Literally, apparently. :) Have fun running your errands, Miss Eileen!!! PS LOVE the card....LOVE IT. Thank you!

Ivy said...

Eileen, I just love the Caroling outfits! How pretty.

Now was it Madonna's version of Santa Baby? Yep, that would have me concerned too. Consider it a phase:))



PS love your blogs and musings! Very talented writer!

Eileen said...

Ohh, Madonna has a "Santa Baby"? No, I haven't heard that one!

Shannon said...

I LOVE the cloaks your girls are wearing!!! Where did you find them and do they come in big girls sizes?!?!?!?

Eileen said...


Aren't those gorgeous? They were all handmade. The kids' cloaks were done by one of the moms. I'm not sure who made the cloaks for the adult caroling groups, but they were stunning as well--in burgandys and greens. The men were in long coats and top hats. On our adorable little old-town street, with the carolers strolling up and down and the snow just beginning to fall, it was like Currier and Ives. So pretty.