Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Best Stuff's Never Planned

The outfits were planned. Ditto with the setting, hairstyles, and photographer. The head bonk was unplanned. And I love it.

The day before we left for China, five year-old Abby flew by herself to Idaho to stay with her grandparents. I took this picture in the airport and blinked back tears. My baby wouldn't be the baby anymore. The next time we saw each other, our lives would be different. Hopefully better, but different.

What if this new baby had issues that would now take the lion share of my time? What if I'd tempted fate and messed up the good thing we had going? Would this changing-point-in-our-lives day be something Abby would thank me for in the future or need to talk out with her therapist?

Two years later, the joy that I see pass between these two little girls, even when they're hitting heads, warms me through and through. Maya, our baby number 4 was planned. Ditto with the trip to China. Finding Abby a best friend was unplanned. And I love it.


Jen Bay said...

Very sweet. I guess Heavenly Father really does know what he's doing....

Lisa Cairney said...

Look at your beautiful "Babygirl", Eileen! And her picture over to the right, how Abby has grown! She is so adorable. I loved the headbonk and everyone's reactions to it. You have such an awesome family, girl.

Kelly said...

Did Lyle plan to have his eyes closed?

Cecelia said...

Awwwwww! That's so sweet. And I LOVED your post on Top Notch Swill.

My Heart Beats In China said...

I absolutely love reading your posts. This one is so cute! Glad the photographs captured the moment!