Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is the time of year for bragging about your kids, right? In December it's perfectly acceptable to say how truly gifted and talented they are, don't you think? You all want to hear it; you're nodding yes?

I'll assume you are. So yesterday after I stuffed every last one of our Christmas cards into their envelopes--licked, sealed, and stamped-- I realized I'd totally forgotten to mention one of our areas of giftedness. I think it almost reaches savant status.

Our other kids reached this milestone at age 8, an impressive feat, but Abby has beaten them all.

At age 7. Not everyone can be gifted. We thought the Caribbean Cool was a nice beginner's scent and we like that Abby can dare to wear black.

So as you write your Christmas cards filled with tales of Straight A's, MENSA appointments, and movie contracts, don't forget the talent exhibited over in our neck of the woods. And if you think we're impressive in the dead of winter, come visit our kids on a scorching day in July. Give Abby a big hug and inhale the giftedness. She's known for losing her cool pretty frequently, but when she loses her Caribbean cool? Wow. Prepare to be blown away. Trust me, you don't want to be pitted against us because we've got you beat hands down. And hands up? Well, you just can't compete.

Yeah, I totally copied my friend Lisa. But she was just mentioning grades and community service and art awards and stuff. Nothing like TRUE talent.


Kristina P. said...

I think I needed deodorant at 5!!

Jaxon and Brittney said...

Your family is delightful! I always say that starting personal grooming cant ever start too young. She is very 'on the ball' and I appreciate a young lady who is as aware as she is. Tell Miss. Madeline hi and I look forward to seeing her in my class on sunday!!

Whitney said...

i dont know how to write you any other way. But can I get your address to send you our Christmas Card?

Lisa Cairney said...

Oh, Eileen...I think my crew might have you beat hands down or up....if you catch my drift...although since I haven't showered today, perhaps you'd be wise NOT to catch it. ;) Glad all of our kiddos are so gifted, lady!

Kelly said...

I hate to brag (as you well know), but my kids are the most non-stinky kids ever in the pit dept. But it may make you feel better if I tell you that the breath dept. is a totally different story! I have one son that can be smelt before entering a room almost if he hasn't brushed in the morning. Boy do I feel bad for his future wife...

My Heart Beats In China said...

That's a nice way to brag here! Better you tell them than someone else! I know adults who don't take as much pride in hygiene, yuck!
This post is pretty cute actually and I'll remember this for the later years!