Saturday, October 11, 2008

Things my kids make me do

Did you have a relaxing Saturday? I hope so. My day started out that way at a baby shower held in a lovely home overlooking Puget Sound. I was watching the boat traffic and enjoying a delicious chicken salad croissant when Adam called on my cell phone. He wanted to know when I'd get back because I was expected to participate in the first annual Beck Cross Country Run. I almost said "Wrong number" and hung up.

I leisurely chatted away at the baby shower hoping that the run would take place in my absence. No such luck. I arrived home to very anxious kids who said they were tired of warming up. I quickly changed and had a tag pinned to my sweatshirt and was marched out to race registration table. I'm quite sure this wasn't on my calendar for today.

Lyle, maybe because of his marathons (like that's a good excuse), was able
to opt out and be the official timer. The rest of us stretched, including Maya.....

....although since her attire was more fitting for a ball than a cross country event, she was the designated cheering section.

The wooden bears marked the start and finish line. The course went around the basketball court, over a hurdle next to the guest house, past the horse pasture and barn, up the hill, down the road to the big rock in front of the neighbor's house, up the grassy trail on the hill towards our house and back through the bear finish line.

Lyle shot the gun and we were off.

I knew I couldn't beat Adam, so I didn't worry about him. I thought about sticking with Abby but figured as soon as she got past the hurdle she'd be fine. I set my sights on Madeline. I was right on her tail past the barn but fell back a bit on the hill. I caught her as we passed the neighbor's rock and almost tripped her. Really, it was totally accidental. We were neck and neck until she pulled ahead to go first up the grassy hill. It's really just single file, so you can see my dilemma. Either knock my daughter over or suffer defeat. If the course was just a wee bit longer, I'd have caught her.

Here she's crossing the finish line with obviously nothing left and with me breathing right down her neck and coming on fast.

Abby finished strong and made us all proud.

I so deserve this Gatoraid.

At least I medaled. Nothing wrong with a bronze.

Until the gold medal winner rubs it in.


Lisa said...

Eileen! Your athletic prowess astonishes me. It looked like a photo finish between you and Madeline. Really. It didn't look at all like Madeline was just sauntering across while you were panting and panting away. Really. Not at all. :) I'm still impressed because I did nothing like this today. The most exercise I got was going up and down the stairs with my laundry loads. Good for you, girl!

Lisa said...


Please forgive me. But I tagged you. Look on my post today and you will understand. Again, I'm sorry. :) TAG. YOU'RE IT.


Jen Bay said...

Such a display of athleticism. Such grace and skill. Does it count if I ran from the car into the ice cream shop?