Thursday, October 16, 2008

Having a Barn Doesn't Bring You Any Closer to Riding off into the Sunset

Most people know this. Yet this is the type of lesson I continually need to learn. Lyle says I'm a "romantic" and by that he doesn't mean the roses and hand-holding type of romantic. No, definitely not. He means the "if I put a sachet in my drawer my whole life will be pleasantly fragrant and lovely" type of romantic. And Lyle plays into it. When I said we needed a barn....because we needed horses.....because we live on acreage.... because people who live on acreage should have livestock, he willingly complied. He built me probably the cutest barn on the planet as evidenced here:

And when we got horses, my romantic heart pictured this:

When really my heart should have been picturing this. A whole lot of this.

But Lyle is not solely of a practical bent. When he got the dog cart for our noble Bernese Mountain Dog, I know he pictured something like this:

He drove down to Oregon to purchase this:

This cart that the "working class" Bernese dog is not hitched to. This cart that has Lyle looking somewhat frustrated. This cart that seems too big for our labrador retriever. Because when Olaf learned of Lyle's plan to turn him into a beast of burden, he gave him a look like this:

Which is why THIS is hanging in the gararge:

And THIS is lounging in the entryway.

Which brings us to why our horses are currently living with friends and why we're still no closer to riding off into the sunset.


Jen Bay said...

I love it! I would count myself a romantic too. I have my picket fence, but reality lives inside.

Beverly said...

that dog ain't no dummy!! LOL!

Lisa said...

Olaf is making me giggle. His expression and the view of him in "repose" crackup, girl!!! I love, love, love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love the romantic in you. That's my kinda romantic too.

Lisa said...

Eileen! I completely, unintentionally, inadvertently ripped off your hilarious romantic visions post last night when I did my camping post!!!! Isn't imitation supposed to be the highest form of flattery??? Well, girl, considered yourself flattered. I am so sorry! I should have credited the funny to you last night but it totally slipped my mind. Did a link to Scravings today in hopes that people will come check out the ORIGIINAL funny lady!!!!! Because, come on, we all know you are funny enough for the whole blogosphere to imitate. Please forgive me, Eileen, and I love you, my friend! You didn't even call me on THAT is humility. :)

Much love from me.

Stefanie said...

Lisa is right, she DID rip your idea! But it was still HILARIOUS to come over here and read your take on romance, Eileen :) LOVED the horse manure-pickin' picture, I've done a lot of that in my life. And that barn is too cute... your man has some barn-building skills, even if he's not terribly romantic :)
Thanks for the early morning giggles! Glad you've started blogging, between you and Lisa, I'm sure to laugh at least once a day!!