Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Postal Time Warp

My friend Lisa mentioned yesterday that she receives flyers from AARP. Being one-half of a married couple named Vernon and Eileen, we get a fair amount of "mature" mail as well. The mail I find funniest though are the items we get on the other end of the spectrum. Let me explain.

Many years ago, right after college graduation and before Lyle (Yes, that would be V. Lyle) started dental school, we lived with Lyle's parents in Idaho Falls. When we moved, unbeknownst to numerous relatives, their mail moved with us. Don't worry. It was never important mail. We didn't get bills or Christmas cards, we got all their junk. They should have thanked us. We got Carole's mail-order bulb catalogs, Cari's cross-stitch newsletter, and for whatever reason, lots of car dealership specials for Laurel. It's been many years and several moves later and we STILL get mail for Lyle's extended family members. Oddly, we even get mail addressed to Nanette B., Lyle's oldest sister who has been a Johnson for oh.... what is it, about 25 years now?

The very best though was the flyer announcing A FREE GYMNASTICS CLASS FOR DELPHA! Yes, Delpha. This would be Lyle's grandmother. Now, one would think that the name Delpha probably should have caused someone to scratch their head a bit. Did they REALLY think anyone named Delpha would be up for a routine on the balance beam? And the funniest part about it was that the flyer was addressed to the PARENTS of Delpha.

This is the couple we're referring to:

Which proves that mail can be transferred only so far.

And looking at Lyle's great-grandfather's hair, it also proves that my Lyle and Lyle Lovett were descended from the same gene pool......which explains the slight wave to Lyle's hair and his ability to woo brunette women far exceeding him in beauty.


Jen Bay said...

Lucky for Lyle he got those genes!

Lisa said...

Good one, Eileen! What we would give though to see Miss Delpha on the uneven bars!