Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's a Guy Thing

Our boy at the Museum of Flight

     XiXi loves planes.  He loves trains.  He loves cars and trucks and emergency vehicles.   To him, a construction site is a thing of beauty and boats are completely fascinating.  Our local librarian knows XiXi and when he walks through the doors of the library, she goes to look for the reading material he's hankering for----guy stuff.  He always stumbles out to our car with a pile of books so high it nearly obscures his vision.

     Lyle came downstairs a few weeks ago looking positively giddy and asked, "Guess what we read tonight for bedtime story?"  I had no idea.  "We read, 'I am a Backhoe'!"  He was beaming.  This is a man who's read princess stories for many, many years.  We've got a boy again! And we're loving it.


val said...

Love that smile...he's all boy!!!

Jen Bay said...

For sure, a guy thing. He looks so great!

Kelly said...

Nice! " I Am A Backhoe" is an american classic. Glad you are exposing him to the greats in literature at an early age.