Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Actions......I may never be productive again

With a name like "actions", you'd think it would involve more movement.  Just with a few flicks of the mouse, I could waste an alarming number of hours.  I must restrain myself.

Pioneer Woman actions are now available for PS Elements users and with assistance from my dad getting them installed, I'm now off to the races.

Here is a photo taken yesterday of Cholita, ticked off about something or other, striking a pose in front of the trumpet vine.  I liked the flowers, the outfit she'd put together, and her facial expression.

But with actions, you always have to wonder if there's something better out there.  

Perhaps "soft faded"?

Or maybe Pioneer Woman Black and White?

Heartland has some vintage appeal.

And "colorized" is pretty funky.

But in the end, I think I still like the original best.
And the laundry has not magically done itself.
Dang it.  
I need actions for housework.

But on complete photography fails, like this picture taken last January of Olaf in the early-morning mist,

Well, I think an action improved him, don't you?

He intimidates people when he comes out of the fog like that, all 100+ pounds of canine.
Then they quickly realize he's a cream puff of a dog, 
just masquerading as a Hound of the Baskervilles.

O.K., NOW I will go do laundry.
Actions are not good for me.


Amy said...

Oh My!! Love the pictures and I can surely see how you could spend hours on this especially when you have such cute little subjects. I need to start by getting PS elements (been on my Christmas list for years maybe this year I will get it)

Margaret Roach said...

My one and only niece is from southern China, adopted almost 16 years ago at 7 months old. She is miraculous.

I was so thrilled to "meet" you on my blog today and learn this about you.

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