Friday, August 19, 2011

Reunion Wrap-up

XiXi didn't know what he was getting into when he plopped his handprint onto that paper in China!  Yes, he gained parents, three sisters, and one brother, but little did he know that the package also included 36 first cousins, scores of aunts and uncles, and let's not even get into second cousins, cousins once removed, etc. etc.  With that many people, those XiXi cheeks are bound to get pinched a time or two!

Lyle's family had their reunion in Idaho a couple of weeks ago we have to hand it to the reunion coordinators, Lyle's youngest sisters, for some expert planning and preparation.  From the opening night fiesta to the boating days and humanitarian service project, it was a perfect mix of fun activities.

This cousin photo features all of the grandchildren on Lyle's side...except for Bruder......who was inside checking his Facebook.  You'd think the photographer (his mother) would have noticed.

My kids also got to see 3 cousins from my side, in addition to my sister and my mom.

XiXi had his first experience on a tire swing, something we certainly could have done at home, 
but it was more fun with cousins.

The pinata was a big hit.  No pun intended.

Also a hit was the giant slip and slide park....

.....where XiXi expressed undying devotion to a  certain cousin,

who was a little less enthusiastic,

but XiXi still adored her from afar....

....and worked on buttering up her mom.

For Cholita, as much as she loved the cousins, she found her soulmate in this long-suffering kitty cat.

Lyle showed that he still has water skiing skills.

And from the devilish smile on his face....

...still enjoys pestering his relatives...

....with a small dousing.

They were far too dry for water day anyway.

In her water skiing attempts, Rose wasn't quite so successful, 
and got a mouthful of the Snake River as a reunion souvenir.

Bruder represented us well in the Fun Run.  
You'll notice that our numbers had dwindled significantly, but what we lacked in size, 
we made up for in talent.  It was a smokin' fast 2 miles.

It was a wonderful end to the reunion to have all of Lyle's seven siblings and his mother with us in the Twin Falls Temple for XiXi's sealing.   We're sure Lyle's father was there in spirit.

The bar has been set high for the next reunion in 2013,
planned by (gulp) US!

We've started planning already.


Jessica said...

I love the picture of the kitty and your daughter. Looked like a fun time for all!

val said...

How wonderful to get that many people looks like a great time!

akwebb3 said...

It was really good to see you guys. Thanks for letting us crash the Beck family reunion. I wonder if our family will ever have a reunion??? Probably best if we don't. I just can't see it going well.