Monday, August 8, 2011

Forever and Ever

On Saturday, August 6th,

in the Twin Falls Idaho Temple,

our sweet XiXi was sealed to his forever parents.

He was so very excited for his special day and had been talking about it for weeks.

On the way there, he sang, "I Love to See the Temple,"
words which were made even more meaningful as we drove back and forth
 through Twin Falls, unable to locate the temple!  When we spotted the spire in the distance,
we did indeed love to see the temple!

Despite that bit of panic, we were made to feel like honored (if not directionally-challenged) 
guests the moment we walked through the front doors.  
"How do you get lost in Twin Falls?" was whispered between workers.  
When they learned we're from Washington and were in Idaho for a family reunion, they forgave us.

They took our kids to the children's room and we didn't see them again until right before the ceremony.
It was enough to bring tears to a parent's eye.
XiXi has so perfectly blended into our family and we can't imagine our lives without him.

Thankfully we'll never have to!
We love you, XiXi.


Kelly said...


Selwyn said...

Congratulations! Such a wonderful event and promise!

Whitney said...

I wish I had known you were going to be in Twin Falls, I live in Boise and would have gladly made the trip.

Jen Bay said...

So happy for you!!!

~T~ said...

Wonderful! (but was it really in April?)

Eileen said...

Nope, it was really in August! I got my "A" months confused. It is 2011 though, right? Honestly, I get that wrong pretty frequently too.

Tammy said...

That was a special day. When your family walked into the sealing room all dressed in white, I lost it. So special! We love XiXi and are glad that he is a part of this forever family.

D6W said...

This brings tears to my eyes! Beautiful and congratulations! There is no moment greater than when your children all walk in the room in their white clothes. Hey! Maybe we'll have to do it again. :)