Saturday, September 3, 2011

Six Years Old!

This is our birthday girl last night, explaining herself to Lucy, who was in the upstairs window asking her why she'd taken out all of her jewelry (AGAIN).  Even on her birthday, Cholita has a tough time staying out of trouble.

For dinner, she'd asked for a trip to Red Robin and made sure that we informed the waitress that it was her special day.  While we ate dinner, she heard other September 2nd babies get sung to and could hardly wait for her own turn in the limelight.  But when her birthday sundae appeared and our waitress announced that Cholita was celebrating a birthday, the guest of honor looked like she wanted to hide under the table.

It's the price you have to pay to get an ice cream sundae all to yourself, while the rest of the family looks on in envy.

The birthday festivities continued today when our neighbor came over with her horse Clover and asked XiXi and Cholita if they'd like a ride.  Ummm, gee, you'll have to talk her into it, but I think she'd be willing.

Happy birthday sweet six year-old!

* At our "Cholita is Awesome" Family Home Evening, this is what the family had to say about our youngest girl:

Rose- I love her.  She is sweet and fun.  Yes, she is sometimes hard to cope with, but I love my absolutely hilarious sister.

Mom- Cholita has a zest for life and a determined spirit.  Her laugh fills our home with joy.  She is smart and strong and will do great in kindergarten.

XiXi- I love play with Cholita.

Dad- I love Cholita's spunk and enthusiasm,  She loves life.  She give great back rubs and hair styles.  She is a wonderful girl who I love with all my heart.

Lucy- Cholita is spunky, creative, and imaginative.  She has a great sense of humor and she is great at doing hair.

Bruder- Cholita is one funny munchkin.  Her fun and feisty spirit is the like the salsa to the family chip. We're sure glad to have her around.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful 6 year old. My baby turns 4 on Sunday we are headed to the space needle (her request)

val said...

Love the horse picture...could those smiles be any bigger?

Terynn said...

Great photos of your Birthday Girl! Thanks for sharing ...

Jen Bay said...

Happy happy birthday to that sweet girl.

Anonymous said...

Happy 6th Birthday!!! Wow, she sounds a lot like our soon-to-be six-year-old!!! And Red Robin--great taste!!!