Thursday, June 10, 2010

So that's what she's been doing in the pantry: What I Found in Cholita's Backpack

Various homemade trail mixes.
All neatly packaged.

All heavy on the baking chips and M&M's.
Some with a spattering of nuts,
you know, for health's sake.

A little something to warm your belly.

And accessories. 
We mustn't forget the accessories.
 Because even deep in the wilderness, you want to look your best.

So she's ready.
Bag packed.
By the door.
Set to go.

Too bad the camping trip's a month away.


Kelly said...

That is adorable! She must be Asian because they like to compartmentalize everything.

Julie said...

Oh mother would love Cholita's trail mix. She buys that stuff from Costco and whenever we go to her house and pull the trail mix out...she's picked out most of the M&M's..we always suggest that she just buy a bag of M&M's!! This is just hilarious. She really does have quite the little imagination.

I was looking for the nuts but was having trouble finding them!! he he

Jen Bay said...

No marshmellows for the hot chocolate?