Monday, June 14, 2010

What is it about my kids and the color red?

At least with Cholita it's just shoes.
As of today, we are now the owners of a "teenager car". 

Do these two look responsible?  
Granted, Lucy has a while until her learner's permit.  Sixteen months to be exact, which now that I think about is pretty much right around the corner.  (Hopefully she has a growth spurt before then so she can adequately reach the clutch.)

Because for reasons known only to those of the male persuasion, a stick shift is where it's at.

Lyle drove a stick shift when we first met.  A cute little two-door black Nissan Sentra.  That Sentra was our only car for years.  A two-door car with two car seats in the back. Car seats for the teenagers pictured above-- one who's now driving and the other who will be in driver's ed before I have time to hyperventilate about the whole thing.

So tonight they took their new (ten year-old) car out for a spin.
 Lyle says (with some pride) that our son is a natural.

I think I'll go inside now and sing "Sunrise, Sunset".


~T~ said...

Yikes! At least he won't confuse it with our van.

Kelly said...

Oh MY!! THAT is one nice teenager car. We will be looking into a car with lots of rust on it for Nathan. Good luck teaching them to drive.

PS Adam looks so great!

akwebb3 said...

Jazmine is now driving our old 96 Nissan Sentra. We had the 4 door automatic kind so probably not as cool. Lex gets her learners permit in a month and a half. That is super scary.

Woodine said...

I had to learn on a stick - it was sort of a rite of passage that I hated at the time but appreciate now. Exciting to have a little less taxi-driving for you! E told me that she wanted to go to Washington to see Lucy .... too bad she doesn't have a red car of her own!

Julie said...

Are you still singing??

I just can't believe it. But I must agree with the guys..there is just something cool about a stick shift. It's like you are "REALLY" driving!! Of course, we don't own one now. I'm not as concerned about "REALLY" driving anymore!!

Tammy said...

That car is so much nicer than the big boat I had as a teenager. I can't believe how grown up your kids are--what a perfect song to sing.