Friday, June 11, 2010

"Wow--and I'm not even a mother!"

Breakfast in bed for our birthday girl.

She was quite shocked as she thought this was a privilege afforded only to 
Mamas on their special day in May.

 Ahh, this is the life--waking up to german pancakes swimming in a delectable peach topping.
What could possibly ruin this scene of birthday decadence?

Apparently a photographer who's snapping pictures first thing in the morning
as you try to hold your robe closed to maintain modesty....

......well, some people find that annoying.
Go figure.

At any rate, Happy Birthday Morning to our sweet Rose!

2 comments: said...

Happy Birthday from Autumn! We miss you guys!

Jen Bay said...

Love that last look. :) I believe I have seen that from Cameron many times...