Sunday, May 23, 2010

Papa, we may lose the crop

It's a good thing we're not farmers,
dependent on the vagaries of weather,
because this Spring would have cooked our goose.

Take, as an example, our lovely climbing hydrangea,
my pride and joy.
In the above photo, it was in a state of perfect health.

That all changed overnight.

An unexpected frost hit, 
and here is the outcome.
Sad, so, so Sad.

But I think it will make it.

Lyle's kiwi vine, however,
which looked so promising just a few short weeks ago...

Well, it's seen better days.

Papa, I think we've lost the crop.
Last time I checked, though,
Albertsons sells kiwis.


Julie said...

I know!! Can you believe it. I had just planted my garden and we had to cover it with tarps. Crazy.

KIWI??? I am so impressed, Eileen. I would have never even considered planting Kiwi. So sorry it didn't survive..and that you won't be enjoying any "home grown" kiwis under the wysteria walkway!

Jen Bay said...

Bugger. I've decided that with all the fresh markets here in Sicily, where I can get a kilo of fresh tomatoes (about 2 pounds) for 1 Euro (about $1.30) I might not stress about my own garden and just focus on shopping the markets.

Kelly said...

Maybe you should pay your tithing... (Just kidding)

Beth said...

Our kiwi crop is always very prolific. You are more than welcome to have some of ours this fall.

Tammy said...

I feel your pain. That's so sad when you wait and anticipate the new growth from your plants, only to have them destroyed by a frost.