Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yes, I support helmets

But on our little driveway, with top speeds reaching, oh, about 5 mph, I'm not too picky.

So last night when the girls invited us out for a bike and scooter show,
I wasn't terribly concerned about safety.

There were the expected figure eights and the one-handed ride (shown above).
Nothing too worrisome.

But hey now.  What's this?  Olaf looked concerned as well.

We are not the Chinese acrobats, thank you very much.

And why, may I ask, is the baby the one pedaling the bike?

Before I could object, it was time for bows.

Notice the intact skulls.

I think we'll talk about their trick riding later.
For now, I'll let them revel in the success of a perfect performance.


CSIowa said...

When siblings of such disparate ages are clearly having so much fun together, it's hard to be picky about helmets. Your girls are lovely!

Jen Bay said...

They looked like they were having fun!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh! This made me laugh so hard, I had to show Nathan! The part that got me was "and WHY may I ask, is the baby the one pedaling this bike"........I still laugh when I think about it. I love reading your blog Eileen! :)

Julie said...

This post makes me sad that Summer has no sisters. Hmmm, we'll have to do something about that!