Saturday, November 22, 2008

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

While Lyle was at basketball this morning and I was sighing deeply at the beauty of Saturday mornings and flannel sheets, Maya shuffled into my room, fully dressed. (She always dresses herself the instant she gets out of bed because she doesn't trust the rest of us with that job.) This morning she was in a backwards red shirt, yellow skirt with a tropical print, white ruffled socks, and the ever-present red shoes (the tap shoes are now second fiddle to the red Mary Janes). She was dragging bease behind her so I hoped that was a sign that maybe she was in a snuggly, sleep-in kind of mood. Mercifully she was and climbed into bed, arranging bease over the both of us, because the girl has a heart of gold.

"Mom," she said, "Abby was in your tummy right?"

Hmmm, we're back to this conversation. This nighttime conversation now popping up in the morning. "Yes, Abby was in my tummy."

"And Adam? Was he in your tummy too?"

"Yes, Adam was in my tummy."


"Yes, Madeline was in my tummy."

"And Daddy was in your tummy?"

I couldn't help but laugh, "No, Daddy was never in my tummy. Daddy was...."

"I know. I know. You met Daddy in China. Just like Maya."

We're close. Soclose. Just not quite there yet.

*And if I had the Photoshop know-how to create a picture of my Gotcha' Day with Lyle, I would do it. Instead you'll just have to imagine....his Gotcha' Day outfit, the hand-off, the crying confused Lyle, the tearfully joyful Eileen....the e-mails home to family, "I've GOT HIM! And wow, the clothes I brought are WAY too small!!! I guess that means more shopping trips! LOL!! For those of you buying clothes (Aunt Cindy, that's you!), I'd say he's more like a 32/32 in trousers and a 16 1/2 neck in dress shirts. But oh, you should have seen him in the split pants!!! He's a keeper, that's for sure!"


Nikki said...

Hey, I meant to mention this to you - we came across the sweetest picture book in the library called The Red Thread: An Adoption Fairy Tale by Grace Lin. If you have not already seen it, it might be worth checking out.
I think Maya is destined for great fashion. I'm liking her style -it's eclectic and very cheery. :)

Jen Bay said...

I'll be there are quite a few ladies that would head out to China to find themselves a "Lyle" if he was for the findin' over there.....

Lisa Cairney said...

Oh, for a photo shop picture in the split pants! really should spend more time on the computer learning these things for the betterment of the blogosphere, don't you think? And seriously, Eileen! What has become of our prim Mrs. Eileen! Mentioning split pants!!!! I'm shocked. Shocked.

Eileen said...

Yeah, I really debated mentioning the split pants. Maybe a little over the top?