Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Maya was a BAD girl last night

No, I shouldn't say that. Maya was a good girl who made a BAD decision. A really horribly bad decision. I saw this on the stairs and started to sweat.

It could be Olaf hair, I thought optimistically, but it didn't look fluffy enough and there were no twigs in the mix, so my heart beat faster. "Maya!" I yelled, "Quickly come see Mom!"

And oh yeah, it wasn't Olaf. A regular little Edward Scissorhands this girl is. Now this wasn't her first foray into self-styling; in the past she's taken a little trim here and there, but this was by far the most drastic. The front was obviously mutilated, but the rest is nearly as bad. One side fared worse than the other, so she's got this asymmetrical punk rock style going on. She's a punk all right.

This was our conversation following the incident:

"Maya, do we cut our own hair?"

"Yes, sometimes."

"O.K., obviously. But should we cut our own hair?"

"You can if you want to."

"No, you cannot. You won't ever cut your own hair again, right?"

"I might."

"Maya, it doesn't look PRETTY" (I know this was probably a bit harsh)

"I think it looks pretty. And Charlie looks pretty too....."

Poor Charlie.

So here's Maya in the style she'll be sporting for YEARS while her hair grows out.... or until she cuts it again....when she wants to.

And here's a picture of a kinder, gentler time, a time when my daughter had hair.

And wasn't quite so sassy.


Terynn said...


I gotta say the best part of the story, the part that really makes it special, is that adorable conversation with your little Edwina Scissorhands. Priceless.

And I doubt you've seen the last of the self-stylin' of the hair. She is not at all bothered by this. Quite the opposite, really. chuckle. sputter. snort.

Sorry. Hope you've had your Christmas card photo chosen already. lol

Eileen said...


My very first thought was, "I'm SO glad we just had our Christmas card pictures taken!

I'm thankful for small mercies!

Danae said...

That is my biggest fear with Olivia! We go over almost weekly what she should do in the event of a kid approaching her with scissors!

I don't know if she could get out of the house in case of a fire, but she knows what to do if someone tries to cut her hair!

Eileen said...


You are a smart woman. Maya doesn't know the danger of scissors or fires.

Kelly said...

Poor Eileen! No remorse whatsoever on her part. So glad your Christmas card photo is out of the way. Good luck with all the explanations in grocery stores, etc.

My Heart Beats In China said...

I think she's adorable despite the hair cut! Seems like she wanted to share her new talent on her dog too. That's when I had to laugh!

She's still a little dollie.

Happy Thanksgiving. That previous post is a magnificent tribute to your family!