Friday, November 21, 2008

Family Photo Shoot: Air Maya




Photos courtesy of the amazingly wonderful Blaine Wilson who I technically haven't paid yet, but I promise I will, so I hope he doesn't mind the posting of the photos, because he does read my blog, so he will see that I posted before payment, but he probably won't mind because he'll be so inundated with phone calls from my vast readership and everyone will simply have to have him take their family Christmas card photos and Middelfart might even fly him out to Denmark and what with the international travel and all he won't have time to worry about Eileen who maybe posted a few photos before the check was written. Whew. Just give him a call.

Soon I'll be updating our family photo--the one that's permanently on the blog--and it's certainly high time, but I will be sad to say goodbye to the old photo from the Shama Bartlett photo shoot. Shama who is also so talented and was able to make our incredibly unphotogenic family look surprisingly good.


Lisa Cairney said...

I love them, Eileen!!!!! Golly! Look how much AIR Maya is gettin'! Love the hair too...can't wait to see the family pic.

Nikki said...

Hey Eileen!
I peeked at them all on the website. Great pictures! :)

Jen Bay said...

I LOVE the beach photo. Should be your Christmas card photo...

Janelle said...

I'm in love with this picture. Maya especially looks quite cute in the jumping pose. (Probably from lots of practice!) You have a darling family.