Monday, November 10, 2008

Olaf's Carpet Service--Remodeling our home one room at a time

Madeline was the first to skip downstairs this lovely Monday morning, smiling and carefree and then HOLY COW! She nearly vomited and hightailed it back upstairs to give us this newsflash:

"Olaf exploded in the music room last night."

Even from upstairs we could smell it. And there was Olaf crouching in the corner, trying to look small and avoiding all eye contact.

Two years ago on my birthday he exploded in the third floor guest room and we had to remove the carpet. There was no choice. You can read about it on our old website here and here.

So Lyle and I looked at the Olaf mess (with hands over our noses) and agreed that some things are just too disgusting to clean. Lickety-split the piano was in the entryway, the fouled carpet was in the back of the truck, and our music room looked like this:

While Lyle was at the dump, his sweet receptionist called and I told her all about our stinky morning. Her very first question was, "Oh! How's Olaf?" Hmmm, that hadn't even crossed my mind. I would guess that he's feeling much better now, thanks. And with lots of open windows and cross-ventilation I'm feeling a little better too.

AND I'm getting a hardwood floor! Diarrhea in my room next Olaf! Bad dog, Olaf!


Lisa said...

Oh, Eileen!!!! You luckyduck! Good job, Olaf!!!! Why do MINE always choose the hardwood floors to do their business on? They need some pointers from Sir Olaf. And hey, Madeline, I'm so proud of you for not blowing in the Music Room, making it even more icky for Mama and Daddy to clean up. jack and I just snagged some surgical masks from the hospital for purposes such as these. Can't wait to see the new floor.

Jen Bay said...

Ewwwwww. Sorry for the mess. Thank goodness for the silver lining.

Fireball said...

Oh, poor Olaf! But yay for you getting hardwood flooring!