Monday, July 31, 2006

July 31

Unfortunately, Maya's best smile during her red couch photo session, was when she was kicking her orphanage buddy, Summer. Trying to get all 9 kids from our group onto 1 couch for a picture was pretty hopeless. I hope in the future we can at least get Christmas cards from all of these families. I would love to see their children grow and progress.

Did you notice the red hair clip? It was with great effort that I accomplished this hairstyle.

Today was a special day, not just because it was the one week mark since we added Maya to our family, it's special because 14 years ago today Lyle and I were married! If someone had told me then that 14 years later we'd be in China adopting a daughter, I certainly would have been surprised, but I wouldn't have thought it was out of the realm of possibility. I always knew Lyle was up for an adventure.

I'm so glad we brought the two big kids. They have been so good on this trip and have actually been truly helpful with the baby. They're old enough that they'll always remember this special trip and can share their memories with Maya.
I actually love in the above picture how she's not looking at the camera. She's smiling and looking at her brother and sister. She's lucky to have them and they're lucky to have her.

Do you see the impish grin that I'm seeing? This girl has really opened up this week, and let me tell you, she's going to give us a run for our money! We need to do some serious babyproofing when we get home!

Maya on our Pearl River DInner Cruise. Only one more full day in China. Tomorrow we do her swearing in and get her visa so she can enter the U.S. When the plane touches down on U.S. soil she'll be our country's newest citizen.
We love you and miss you Abby! Be good for Granny. We're coming home soon!

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