Saturday, July 29, 2006

July 29

Sorry we didn't post yesterday. Our flight was delayed and we didn't make it to our hotel in Guangzhou until after 11 PM. I'm amazed at the size of the cities here! Guangzhou has over 14 million people! Ever heard of it? Yeah, I doubt anybody else in the U.S. has either! Actually, our hotel, the famous White Swan, is on Shamian Island, which has a small town feel in the huge city.
All U.S. citizens adopting from China have to go through Guangzhou since the U.S. Consulate is here. The breakfast room was amazing this morning. Everywhere you look, Americans with Chinese babies and children. I've been especially impressed with the older kids who are being adopted. They seem to be doing really well and are embracing their new lives and trying so hard. In our room, we found our "Going Home Barbie", an item made by Mattel just for adopting families at the White Swan. I never pegged Barbie as the adopting type, but I guess you never know!

This morning Maya had her required medical exam. She weighs 18.2 pounds and looks to be in good health. The last couple of days she's been a little more clingy, which I think is a good sign. Last night, for the first time since we met, she woke up in the middle of the night and really sobbed. I think it was a combination of being hungry, waking up in a new location, and probably grieving over all that's changed in her life. Still, overall, she's doing amazingly well and we can't wait to bring her home.

This probably looks familiar to anyone who was in the Silverdale 6th Ward when Abby was little--Lyle's famous baby-carrying technique. None of the kids have objected so far!

If you think Lyle's hair looks especially nice, you can thank the hair salon at our hotel in Nanning. Lyle was so totally spoiled! They first shampooed his hair, then he got a MASSAGE, then they cut his hair, reshampooed his hair, and then got him all blow-dried and styled. All for about 12 dollars. They told him he looked like "that sports star..what's his name?...Oh yes, David Beckham!" They all whole-heartedly agreed. I guess that makes me Posh Spice. No wonder we get so many stares! It all makes sense now.

Shamian Island has a very park-like setting and everything is walking distance from our hotel. How do you like the American adoptive family statue? Apparently this is how the Chinese see us--the fat mom and old dad with a video camera!

Can you tell we're roughing it here in China? The White Swan really is amazing. I wanted the big kids to come to China to see a different, harder life than in the U.S. Instead, they're being treated like a little emperor and empress. Oh well! Tomorrow we'll head to a branch of church here in Guangzhou. I've been really looking forward to it. We miss you Abby! Just as few more nights in China!

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