Thursday, July 27, 2006

July 27 Pictures

At the bamboo bridge built by the Dong people.
It's hard work for the gardener's here at the park.

This is one of the most peaceful parks we've ever seen.

Maya got a blessing from a Buddhist monk. She wasn't thrilled with the red dot on her forehead, but I think she found the water sprinkling refreshing.
We feel strong in our faith, but we're willing to accept blessings from all!

Look who can stand up! We've known so many people who adopted their daughters when they were well over a year and they couldn't do this. They all catch up, but we feel incredibly blessed that she's doing so well.

She is such a pretty girl. I hope that she grows up proud of her heritage and is confident enough in who she is that she doesn't mind standing out a bit in an American crowd.

Maya loves the pool. When Lyle sits her on the edge of the pool, she does the cutest little rear scoot to the end and then puts out her arms and falls out to Lyle. She may look mad, but trust me, she's having a ball!

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