Monday, July 17, 2006

Abby's Solo Flight

Be still my heart. Abby flying by HERSELF! At age 5! We initially planned on taking all three kids to China, but upon further consideration (and a realistic look at airfare for 5 to China), we decided that Abby would enjoy a trip to visit Granny and Grandpa in Idaho.

It just so happened, Jake Haws, whose family we've known since dental school days, was also flying by himself that same day and his flight left just a few minutes after Abby's. So, we took the ferry over to Seattle together.

At this point, I was getting teary! Abby is just so cute and tiny-looking and the thought of sending her on an airplane by herself was a bit much for me! Not to mention the thought that kept eating at me that the next time I saw Abby, things would be different, hopefully better, but different. Abby will never again be the baby of the family!

With all my motherly nervousness, you'd think Abby would be at least a little apprehensive, but no. She was SO excited! In this photo, they had just called her name and said it was time to board!

No big goodbyes. The escort just got the three unaccompanied minors together and said, "O.K. girls, time to board the plane." No "give your mom a big hug," or "Say goodbye," just, "off we go." Probably for the best. I was feeling pretty emotional.

At this point I was working on breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth. In through the nose, out through the mouth. What an odd feeling to have Abby on an airplane without one of her parents, doing and saying who knows what!
Thankfully, Seattle to Boise is such a short flight, that Granny was calling me on my cell phone before I had even finished my drive home! Abby has arrived safe and sound! She said she sang to the person next to her! How enjoyable that must have been for them!! Ha!

Tomorrow we leave for China! Qiu Ju, here we come! TOMORROW! Next post, Beijing!

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