Sunday, July 30, 2006

July 30

Our pretty girl all dolled up for her first Sunday at church. I remember buying this outfit at the beginning of our adoption process and thinking how Maya would wear it on our first Sunday together. I know we sound like a broken record, but we're so thrilled that she's finally here with us.

This is where the Guangzhou branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints meets. It's on the 7th floor in what looks to be a large conference room. Apparently there is an English speaking service and then a Chinese service afterward. During the summer, their numbers are pretty sparse, so they just had a sacrament service and then Sunday School. We met people from England, Nigeria, different parts of China, and of course, Lyle's hometown of Idaho Falls! You can't get away from those Idahoans! The speakers today focused on the topic of patience. I couldn't help thinking, if you want to learn patience, adopt from China!

This picture is for my primary kids. Isn't it fun to see that the kids in China are studying the exact same things you are in America? Madeline was the whole primary today! Her teacher said that when all the families come back after their summer vacations, they usually have about 20-30 kids.

I once read something that said, "If you want to know what it feels like to be reborn, take a child out of an orphanage." It has been so fun witnessing so many Maya "firsts"! This picture cracks me up--her first ride! Lyle wants me to mention that the music on the ride was a bit unusual--"Oh Christmas Tree".

Sometimes things don't translate well! Lyle and Madeline are livin' on the edge! All I know is, we're about out of yuan, so they're going to have to work off their fine!

Don't let her petite appearance fool you. This gal can put away the food! She loves rice and noodles, but her favorite by far is congee. It's kind of a soupy rice porridge that gets mixed with meat and other mystery items. Lyle thinks anything leftover gets thrown in the congee pot.

Guangzhou is really quite lovely at night with the red lanterns shining through the branches of the beautiful old trees. Kind of romantic. Someone told me that an adoption trip is one of the most romantic things you can do together as a couple. I think it could be romantic if we didn't have all these darn kids with us; but I suppose that would defeat the purpose of the trip now wouldn't it?

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Heidi said...

I knew it! I knew you were LDS! I could tell, so I've spent a half and hour looking for "evidence" and I found it:) Your blog is great, and your home is beautiful!