Friday, March 2, 2012

I've Got Some Sewing to Do

I vowed that I would not dust off my sewing machine for this room.  Surely, there had to be drapes in existence that were already made and packaged that would look beautiful in our updated music room.

I'm pretty sure I bought all of them, only to haul them home, have Lyle hold them up, and then stand with hands on hips, head tilted, and say, "Nope.  Don't love it."

So, 15 yards of fabric later, and I'm on my way to drapes.  One panel down, 5 to go.

I opted for sheers inside the windows.  The estimate for custom blinds for the 6 windows which face our front porch was (cough) $968.00 and the sheers from Target were $4.99 each, so the choice was fairly easy.  But even going the cheapy route, I do love the look of the sheers with the drapery fabric.  The blue in the flowers perfectly matches the walls and it's just so pretty I can hardly stand it.

I'm hoping to be done this weekend.  


Tammy said...

I can't wait for you to post photos of the finished room! And someday I want to visit it in person!

Kelly said...

Way to go... making your man happy. Got any 20th wedding anniversary ideas Eileen (since we're both coming up on that one). I'm up at 4:00 am looking at colapsible bikes!

Jen Bay said...

Can't wait to see it all finished!