Saturday, March 10, 2012

Prom Night--Family Style

Today Bruder had a track meet, followed by a choir concert, followed by prom.   He had made plans to eat with a group of couples, but since he would have to be a little later due to the concert, those plans fell through at the last minute.   We assured him that we could do a nice dinner at our house.   He worried that we'd hover, which we promised we wouldn't, but he still wasn't sold on the idea.

The tipping point was when we mentioned that XiXi could be the waiter.
Because who could resist freshly ground pepper served by this guy?

He had an adorable little waitress helping him, and another older, more experienced waitress to handle advanced tasks like drink pouring.  

We moved a little table into our music room and strung lights 
and hung a curtain in the doorway.

With the curtain closed, it looked dreamy.

Lyle went with a fairly ambitious dinner:
green salad with pears and raspberry vinaigrette,
parmesan chicken,
garlic mashed potatoes,
roasted vegetables,

And for dessert, mango pudding topped with cream and shaved chocolate, served with berries.

I was so worried about hovering, I apparently didn't even have time to focus my camera.
Because I'd made a promise not to hover.

Bruder's great-great grandparents on the other hand, made no such promise.
They totally hovered.


Jen Bay said...

I love it!

val said...

You guys are awesome! Loved the little waiter & waitress!

Kate said...

Most awesome post ever. Loved the whole thing...the THOUGHT of it...and the execution...fabulous!!!

Lilly said...

oh man, can I go to prom too? I bet they got excellent service with those charming waiter. And the food choices were very chic. I hope they got a very big tip too :)


Betsey said...

So lovely! Wonderful memories.