Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Great Morning

It felt like Spring today and XiXi and I donned our gardening gloves and began to dig our yard out from under its layer of winter sludge.

XiXi tired of the task pretty quickly, but was good company nonetheless. 
 "Look Mom," he said.  "I'm fishing!"

Charlie wandered on over to the boat/rock.
  He's still wobbly, but much improved from yesterday.  
He was happy to sit in the sunshine and get some Yi Man love.

The scene was a little too idyllic when this filthy beast joined the party.....

......and decided to help with the Spring pruning.

Old dogs certainly have their issues,
but oh my goodness.

They can try the patience of a saint.

1 comment:

val said... puppy used to do the same thing! Happy to see Charlie enjoying the sun.